Association of Florida Community Developers Title

AFCD recognizes that the provision and maintenance of transportation facilities needed to serve Florida's citizens, visitors, and businesses is a shared federal, state, and local (public and private) responsibility. Adequate transportation systems are essential to the economic welfare, safety, and quality of life in our State.

Long Range Plan - The State needs to develop a viable, long-range transportation plan incorporating a strategy regarding the critical issues facing transportation in Florida. The State needs to develop additional broad-based revenue sources to support the creation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure to build roads where people are, as well as planning to build roads where people will be.

Economic Development - Our transportation system is the backbone of the State's economy. State transportation policy must support moving goods to market, transporting freight throughout the State, serving visitors effectively, and providing an appealing quality of life to keep skilled labor in the State.

Transportation and Land Use - The ability of projects of all sizes and locations to satisfy transportation concurrency should be expanded by allowing the "pipelining" of transportation mitigation funds for the improvement of State or regionally significant roadways. The integration of land uses within community developments reduces travel demands on local road networks.­ Further, the State and local governments should continue to look at mobility options which anticipate the changing world of transportation with automated vehicles soon to be on line.­


Transportation corridor through a Reader & Partners, LLC development

Transportation corridor through a Reader & Partners, LLC development