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Necessary Improvements to Florida's Government Structure

The State needs to pinpoint and define essential State issues and establish the planning and funding of a coordinated State approach that will protect and foster the State's vital interests. There should be a common understanding of what the State really wants to accomplish and of what issues are of essential State concern and therefore the responsibility of the State to achieve.

The review of local government comprehensive plans by the Department of Economic Opportunity (“DEO”) should continue to be limited to the Plans' compliance with statutory requirements in areas of essential State responsibility specifically defined by the Legislature. ¬≠As the Legislature has recently recognized through policy changes, local elected officials and staff planners know better what their communities want.

State agencies such as DEO, DEP, FDOT, DOE and regional agencies such as the WMD and the RPCs need to work together with local governments during the comprehensive planning process to coordinate local needs with State and regional planning and funding provisions.

Environmental planning and natural resource protection programs that are of essential State concern can best be handled directly by the State. The State should provide sufficient resources for implementation of its programs. Issues not designated as essential to the State should be left to local governments.

Barron Collier Company's LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida

Barron Collier Company's LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida