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AFCD supports the reasonable, beneficial use of water, which should be reflected in any revisions to the State Water Resource Plan. There is no shortage of water in Florida. However, water supply must be produced, allocated, and transported where necessary to meet the States' urban, agricultural and environmental needs.

State Water Policy - Water supply is crucial to the future of Florida’s economy. From recreation and tourism to agriculture to the development of high quality communities and high technology jobs, water is fundamental and essential. The representatives of the people should establish state water policy. The goal is to ensure the availability of an adequate supply of water for all competing uses deemed reasonable and beneficial, while maintaining the functions of the natural systems.

Land Use and Water Planning - There is a strong relationship between land use and water resource quality and availability. Land use and water resource planning can be best addressed in a long-range manner through the comprehensive planning process focused toward encouraging balanced use of water resources to meet the local, regional, and State goals for Florida's water resource needs. It is essential that we guarantee water for our residents.

Water Reservations - Reservations of water that will effectively “lock down” water supply for this growing state are the wrong approach. Effective natural resource planning cannot be static and tied to conditions on a specific date. In general, protection of fish and wildlife can best be accomplished through minimum flows and levels.

Water Production - There is enough water for every one, but the means of water production need to be further developed using new and innovative methods of water production in addition to traditional methods. Efficient water resource development can only occur at the regional level so water management districts must put more resources and commitment into this effort to expand the useable supply of water.

AFCD member On Top of the World, Inc. Arbor Club's indoor pool

AFCD member On Top of the World, Inc. Arbor Club's indoor pool