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Florida faces two infrastructure needs. The first is the lack of adequate infrastructure and services for current residents. The second is the increase in the demand for infrastructure and services created by the influx of new residents to the State. Current and projected needs must both be addressed. New growth should not be unfairly burdened with the costs of correcting existing deficiencies.

Adequate Funding - The challenge is to find and use the most equitable, efficient, and effective funding sources to provide the infrastructure and service needs of present and future Florida citizens. It is the responsibility of the State to provide local governments and school boards with adequate, recurring revenue sources to meet their capital facility and maintenance needs.

Infrastructure Deficits - A Statewide funding system needs to be implemented that allows local failed or failing services to "catch up". The burden placed on local governments to revitalize existing cities for urban infill is high. Those costs are often shifted to new developments that pay impact fees and mitigation payments that are used to reduce existing infrastructure deficits, not to provide the new facilities necessary for the new developments that made the payments.

Community Development Districts (CDD) - CDD are an effective tool for the provision of infrastructure needed to support new communities with out burdening cities and counties.


Ave Maria Community's Town Center and Church - Barron Collier Companies

Ave Maria Community's Town Center and Church - Barron Collier Companies